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about us

Who are we?

Reach is the university's first and only club for aspiring creators and influencers. At Reach, we are a community of students interested in entertainment, social media, videography, performing, marketing, and much more. Throughout the semester, we host creator workshops, influencer collab days, conduct consulting projects, and we always have coolest guest speakers. Reach helps you connect with others who share your passions. And we have a ton of fun doing it! We're more than a club, we're a family.

What we do

Here's what to expect by being in Reach
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Consulting Projects

We consult for leading companies in the creator economy / social media space. Our project leads takes a unique and personalized approach to each project, ensuring client satisfaction.

Guest Speakers

We host guest speakers in two different categories: industry professionals and creative pioneers. Guest speakers including influencers with millions of followers and growth hackers who've pulled viral marketing stunts. Learn hands on and connect in an intimate setting with those who have climbed the ladder.

Professional Workshops

With new platforms being created everyday, new trends, new algorithms, we want to ensure club members are ahead of the curve. Industry workshops and creative content creation peer-to-peer classes will give insight on how to build a following, create viral content, and manage a brand's page.

Social Gatherings

We understand that collaboration is key to a successful career, whether you're a content creator or someone just interested in entertainment. As a family, we strive to encourage members to share their projects with each other. Many club meetings will involve photoshoots, socials, club diners, retreats, and other bonding events.